Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Extend your brand's reach and improve customer engagement and retention using both major and niche social networking websites.

It pays to be socialable

Why Social Media Marketing?

Having a presence on popular social networking websites allows you to potentially gain supplemental traffic and customers, build more personal relationships with existing customers, and demonstrate your dedication to customer service. We will work with you to extend your brand and reach via social media and enhance your website with the tools that enable your visitors to spread the word.

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Why Choose Us?

Every industry is different, and we will only recommend social networks that we feel will benefit you. Unlike most social marketing services, we are also expert developers and therefore have the skills needed to effectively integrate your social media activity with your website. Effective social media marketing requires genuine effort, knowledge and skill.

Example Social Media Networks We Work With

Our Social Media Marketing Services

  • Step 1: Advice & Setup

    Not all social media networks are suitable for every business and, just like your website, it's important to make an excellent first impression. We will help in the following ways:

    • Advise on which social media websites are right for your business
    • Setup or Modify your profiles to match your company image perfectly
    • Install and configure Google Analytics on your website and setup performance tracking features
  • Step 2: Website Integration

    The key to maximizing engagement is to integrate your new social media accounts with your website, using any or all of the following means:

    • Link to your social media profiles
    • Add features such as Facebook "Like" buttons to encourage sharing
    • Install "Open Graph" and, "Twitter Card" meta tags to optimize sharing
    • Optionally add content from your social media accounts (such as latest tweets)
    • Optionally integrate API services (such as to enable visitors to share LinkedIn data with you)
  • Step 3: Maintainance & Promotion

    One of the secrets of successful social media marketing is to actively contribute on a regular basis. We can help you by automating some of this process:

    • Modify your website so that new content is automatically posted to your social media profiles
    • Setup your contributions (such as new tweets) to publish on a schedule
    • Generate "buzz" by crafting specific promotions tailored to attract the right customers

What Our Customers Say

  • Mary Eighteen

    “SiteCenter's professionalism and support has been faultless, and is delivered with consideration and patience. I will continue to use Sitecenter for any further projects not just for their vision but also because of their considerate and client centered approach.”

    Mary Eighteen, Maidenhead, United Kingdom
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