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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Services

Show ads to potential new customers at the right time and increase sales, using Google Ads® and other paid programs.

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Why Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (or "Paid Search Marketing") describes the process of displaying an advert on a search engine or social networking website only when set criteria are met (such as when specific keywords are searched for or a particular demographic is visiting the page) and paying only when that advert is clicked on. It is therefore one of the fastest and most effective methods to target your ideal prospects. This service requires a reasonable investment, but can yield immediate and substantial benefits.

Get more customers now
Your trusted partner
Your trusted partner

Why Choose Us?

Setting-up and managing an effective PPC campaign is a difficult and time-consuming task, during which it is easy to make costly mistakes. Our tailored, fully-managed solutions ensure that your campaigns represent a good Return on Investment (ROI). We are also confident that we can improve the performance of almost any existing campaign.

Example Programs We Manage

Our Pay Per Click Marketing Services

  • Step 1: Research & Setup

    PPC marketing should begin with in-depth research to identify the best opportunities for your business. We start by carrying out the following activities:

    • Advise on which programs are right for your business and setup your accounts
    • Research keywords, audience & competitors
    • Create your ads and landing pages
    • Install and configure performance tracking features
  • Step 2: Conversion Optimization

    After setup is complete, we will identify the highest-performing variables and optimize your campaigns to maximize your return on investment (ROI):

    • Optimize bids
    • Optimize budget
    • Split-test & optimize ads
    • Split-test & optimize landing pages
    • Recommend improvements
  • Step 3: Campaign Expansion

    Once your campaign is optimized for maximum Return on Invesment (ROI),we can expand the reach of your ads to drive even more leads and sales:

    • Identify additional opportunities to generate more leads
    • Setup & optimize visitor "remarketing"
    • Monitor, analyze and report performance
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