If you would like your end-users to be able to change the License Key for their installation to another existing License Key (for example to be able to use their existing in-app credits on a second device),you can provide them with a form to enter a different License Key and then use the License Modify request to validate that it is correct. When this request is successful, you should update any locally-stored License Key or in-app credit values with those returned. Please note that you should only allow your end-users to use the same License Key on multiple devices where any data associated with that License Key is remotely stored.

If you would not like your users to be able to use a License Key on more than one device, you must set the "Maximum Devices Per License Key" value to "1" and you must always include the "deviceid" parameter in your API requests. If this parameter is missing or empty, the API will not be able to restrict the number of devices a License Key can be used on.