Please note that app stores require that any payment made by app users for in-app consumables be made using their proprietary app store payment service. Therefore, if you intend to charge users for in-app credits available in the Cloud App Licenser system you will still need to integrate native code and maintain different code bases for each platform.


Cloud App Licenser features an in-app credits system that relates to each of an app's unique License Keys.

Maximum Permitted Credits

The maximum number of credits that can be associated with a License Key is 10,000,000. Any attempt to add credits to a License Key which would exceed this number will result in an error. Likewise, the total number of credits cannot be a negative number, so any attempt to remove credits from a License Key which would result in a value below zero will result in an error.

Getting the Number of In-App Credits

The number of in-app credits for a License Key is returned with all license-related requests to our API, but you can also get the number of in-app credits for a License Key at any time by using the License Credits Get query. You can locally store the number of in-app credits for a License Key for later recall, and only update it after you add or remove credits.

Adding or Removing In-App Credits

You can add or remove credits from within your app by using the License Credits Modify request, manually add or remove credits from your Dashboard, and optionally issue a number of free credits to new licenses. Each modification requires a short description, and an optional reference that can be used to associate in-app credit transactions with, for example, an in-app payment. The maximum number of credits that can be added or removed in one transaction is 1,000.

Free In-App Credits

If in-app credits are required to use certain features of your app, offering some free credits to new users can be a good introduction to your app before asking for payment. If you choose to issue any free in-app credits to new licenses, these will be limited to the first installation of that app per device, regardless of whether or not "Device Recovery" is enabled, since even if the user deletes the app, our API will recognize the device the next time the app is installed. By this means, end-users cannot simply uninstall and re-install the app to receive more free in-app credits.

In-App Credit Transactions

You can also query our API for a full or partial list of in-app credit-related transactions for a License Key by using the License Credits Transactions request.

Tiered License Levels

Our in-app credits system functionality can also be used as a tiered license system instead of in-app credits if preferred, for example to differentiate end-users who have purchased your app and those who have not. For example, instead of using the number of in-app credits available for a license to represent in-app credits, you can use it to represent a license level/status. In the same way, when you add or remove in-app credits you can instead consider it as upgrading or downgrading license level/status. In such cases, you can also decide what level/status new licenses should be set at (e.g. level 1) by opting to issue one free in-app credit to new licenses.