Google has announced the following changes to the way in which it's map platform is administered and priced:

  • All websites must use an "API Key" (a special code that is specific to each Google Maps Platform project). Previously, many websites were able to display maps without an API Key. It is also recommended that you update the settings for your API Key so that it can only be used on specified websites (otherwise other websites could use it and potentially exceed your free monthly usage allowance).
  • The Google Maps Platform project associated with your website's API Key must have billing enabled. Previously, all users enjoyed unlimited use but now websites can only display up to 100,000 static maps or 28,000 dynamic maps per month before being charged (it remains unlimited for mobile apps). This free monthly allowance is applied to each developer in the form of a $200 monthly credit. Google says that this requirement is "so that there would be no downtime if a website exceeds it's free monthly allowance".

Customers who are interested in continuing to use maps from Google after June 11th should Contact Us to make the appropriate changes. If you only use maps on your website to display your office location, for a small fee we can update your website to use an API Key that is already associated with a billing account - thereby minimizing the changes required. However, if your website uses maps for any other purpose it is recommended that you create your own billing account.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please don't hesitate to Get in Touch.