How highly your website ranks in Google's search results for specific search terms will depend on a multitude of factors, and identifying which of these can be changed to improve your website's ranking is a complex process, especially since all the websites we build are optimized for search engines (see our Introduction to Search Engine Optimization). Probably the most important factor in determining how highly your website will rank is the number of links to your website there are from other high-quality websites that are closely related to your website's subject area. Another important factor is whether or not your regularly publish original, high quality content (such as a blog).

Frequent users of Google will know that when they search for a local service or product (such as "accountants in Newbury") they are often also presented with a map showing the location and details of local businesses (see our Introduction to Local Search Engine Optimization). Improving your business's ranking in these localized search results for your category and locality demands a different approach to that for Google's "normal" search results, including maintaining an active Google+ Local page, increasing the number of directory websites on which your business is listed, increasing the number of customer reviews on your Google+ Local page and more.

If you are interested in improving your website's ranking we recommend that you consider our ongoing Search Engine Optimization service.