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This function must be the last PHPTemplateLayer function called for a template. To only partially parse your template and leave variables and blocks that have no assigned value in place, define the $parsetype as "PARTIAL". This can be useful if you want to cache some of your template to a database field and then re-parse the remaining variables and blocks another time (for example you may want to cache most of your content and insert only some dynamic values at the time of serving the page to users). If you do not set the $parsetype to "PARTIAL", any variables or blocks that are not assigned by your PHP code will be removed from the HTML output. There is currently only one option for the optional $processtype parameter for post-processing. If you have defined the $parsetype as "FULL", you can minify the HTML output of PHPTemplateLayer by defining this as "MINIFY".


If $outputtype is 'VARIABLE': If no error, parsed template, otherwise 'FALSE'. If $outputtype is not defined as 'VARIABLE' and there is an error outputting your template file, 'Error. Could not open template.' will be displayed to users.