Your account has a License Quota which determines how many licenses are available to new users of your app(s). Each license entitles the end-user to unlimited use of their license (subject to our Terms of Use). As part of your free trial, your account will be credited with 20 free licenses. To make more licenses available, you must pre-pay for License Quota in your Dashboard.

App Status

By default, all apps have a status of "Open" in your Dashboard, which means that they can issue License Keys to new end-users. However, you can prevent new end-users from being issued with a License Key by setting the status of your app to "Closed".

Exhausted License Quota

If your License Quota has been exhausted, all of your apps will display a status of "Closed" and will not issue License Keys to new end-users. You can receive an automated notification when your License Quota is running low, and you can change settings related to this in your Dashboard.