Example Usage


Usage Notes

When your app initiates (opens),it should query our API to check it's License Key. If no License Key exists, either the last License Key to be used on that device will be returned (if "Device Recovery" is enabled for this app),or a new one will be issued (if the app is freshly installed or "Device Recovery" is disabled for this app). In all cases, the JSON data returned will include a License Key and the number of in-app credits applicable to that license. You can then associate any additional in-app data that is stored locally or in a separate remote system with this License Key. If you optionally include your app's locally stored Version ID in your API call, the JSON data returned will include whether or not a more recent version is available ("true" or "false") and any comments associated with the newer version, if applicable. Note that any special characters (such as '"' and '\') in the "about" field will be escaped with a backslash, as in the example below.

Example Output

    "status": "success",
    "licensekey": "78328235235",
    "credits": "3",
    "newversion": "true",
    "about": "Fixes a bug in the \"Magic Carpet\" level."