Cloud App Licenser

Cloud App Licenser

The easy alternative to proprietary app store systems for managing licenses and in-app credits - for native and hybrid mobile apps.

Gain Complete Control

Why License Your Mobile Apps?

When you enable licensing in your mobile apps you gain complete control. You can apply custom constraints to users based on license status, limit the number of devices a license can be used on, suspend individual users and more. You also empower your end-users - when you associate in-app activity (including purchases and credits) with a specific license, you make it possible to use the same license on multiple devices and enable easy restoration in the event of re-installation of the app.

The Easy Alternative

Why Use Cloud App Licenser?

Whether your app functions as a stand-alone application or uses multiple remote systems, Cloud App Licenser offers a simple way to reliably associate end-users' activity and in-app credits with specific License Keys. Simply use native code (for native apps) or web-based languages (for hybrid apps) to send an HTTP GET request to our API and receive JSON data in response. With Cloud App Licenser you can use one licensing service for all platforms.

Cloud App Licenser Features

  • Easy Integration
    • Use one licensing service for all platforms
    • Suitable for all native and hybrid apps
    • Detailed error messages and error logs for debugging
  • Automated Licensing
    • Automatic creation of new licenses for new installations
    • Users can use licenses on multiple devices
    • Re-installs detected and optionally reverted to previous licenses
    • Each license is entitled to unlimited use of our API (subject to our Terms of Use)
  • Full Licensing Control
    • Optionally close your app to new users
    • Optionally limit the number of devices the same license can be used on
    • View app, license and device statistics and gain valuable insights
    • Suspend specific licenses if required
  • In-App Credits System
    • Easily fetch the number of in-app credits for a license from inside your app
    • Optionally apply free in-app credits to new users (limited to once per device)
    • Optionally associate in-app credits with in-app purchases
    • Add or remove in-app credits from inside your app
    • Add or remove in-app credits manually from your Dashboard
    • Fetch a full or partial list of in-app credit-related transactions
    • Optionally use in-app credits for a tiered membership system
  • More Features
    • Optionally alert users of newer versions of your app
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